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10 Strategies For The New Financial Year

Strategic Approach to M&A

HHMC was delighted to share its views in a presentation “10 Strategies For The New Financial Year” at the NPAworldwide Conference in Melbourne, Australia, this month.

Change is the only constant and the Recruitment Industry is no exception. Strategies need to be revised by the recruitment agencies so they can confidently enter their new financial year.

Rod Hore's presentation challenged business owners and managers to not only consider the dynamics of the business of recruitment, but to consider changes that impact the running of a business - from global influences. to personal leadership attributes, to structured planning for wealth creation.

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The presentation also highlighted various new business models including the influence of offshoring & globalisation that make it imperative to meet new challenges.

The presentation was well received and generated lots of positive discussion among the audience. Review this session from the NPA Conference by Rod Hore to devise your strategies for financial new year.



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