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Maximising the Value of a Recruitment Business


As a recruitment agency matures, many business owners begin to consider the value of the business. The results can be surprising for some. Philip Ellis, the founding Director of Optima Corporate Finance, suggests that focusing solely on running and building the business will not always result in a proportionate increase in its valuation.

One of the series of articles that Philip Ellis has published talks about the maximising the value of a recruitment business. The paper initially talks about multiple of profits, debt and working capital among other factors that play a vital role in determining the valuation. He weighs in on the importance of size and why the size is often proportionate to the market value.

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Philip has mentioned ways an owner can maximise the value of their business. Brand specialist, client spread, and competitive pricing are among the factors that if improved can maximise the business value.  It is also important to keep in mind that these things are not exhaustive and each business has its unique important factors.

At the end of the article, it is emphasised that if the business is able to address most of these requirements, it will potentially see a surge its valuation and be more likely to attract potential acquirers.

Optima Corporate Finance

The article can be downloaded here: Maximising_the_Value_of_a_Recruitment_Business

Philip Ellis can be contacted at Optima Corporate Finance on +44 20 7164 6664 or at

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