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Reducing Impediments to Expanding Your Recruitment Business


HHMC recently posted a blog “The Business World Keeps Getting Smaller”, highlighting the services offered by companies such as Safeguard World International assisting with employment processes in countries around the world.

But we talk to many recruitment agencies that don’t have the initial contacts or knowledge to chase those expansionary opportunities or develop that international strategy.  Kristen Davie of NPAworldwide and I recently had a conversation about common issues we find in discussions with recruitment agency owners and managers.

When we are speaking with recruitment business owners, start-ups and other independent recruiters, we hear concerns in relation to candidate shortages, competing with multi-national agencies and the need to expand their business, without having a vast amount of capital to do so.

Kirsten’s conversation quickly turns to letting them know they don’t have to go it alone, there is a global recruitment network that can provide them with that competitive edge, global reach and increased financial stability, without the extra headcount.

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Starting in North America, NPAworldwide is a network of about 500 specialist recruitment firms across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

NPAworldwide helps its members build local, regional and international relationships that deliver better service to clients and candidates in their own market.  In addition, membership delivers enhanced revenue-generating opportunities, increased financial stability, and added business value from improved speed, reach, and capacity.

From my interaction with the NPA members and attendance at some of its events there is also an invaluable peer network developed that makes recruitment agency ownership a lot less lonely.

NPAWorldwideWhy NPAworldwide?

Here are some reasons why recruitment agencies join NPAworldwide

  • Increased revenue opportunities. NPAworldwide trading partners have an opportunity to make more money than their non-member competitors. Top producers recognize that a split fee is better than a full fee if it can be achieved faster and more profitably.
  • Enhanced service to clients. Provide clients with a larger selection of qualified candidates in less time.
  • Expanded geographic/industry specialization. Gain access to national and international specialists in niche markets and occupational fields outside your area of focus.
  • More opportunities for candidates. Offer candidates a greatly expanded array of opportunities.
  • Advanced resources and peer interaction. Interact with highly successful peers and gain access to specialised training services, NPAworldwide business tools, and group purchasing power.
  • Economical business expansion. Increase capacity without hiring, training and supporting additional staff.
  • Ethical partnerships. Membership in NPAworldwide is selective and follows a due diligence process to assure high standards of professionalism, trust, and integrity.

Like any professional network, NPAworldwide provides its members the opportunity to meet and build business partnerships.  Meetings are held monthly in each state across Australia, together with video conferences, a conference in Australia and an annual global conference.

To learn more about NPAworldwide, you can reach out to Kristen at or +61422470621, or connect with NPAworldwide in your local country.

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