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HHMC Global Business Intentions Survey Report 9

Rod Hore. January 30, 2022. Make a comment
HHMC Global's Business Intentions Survey Report #9 is now available. A final look back at Covid and a big focus on the growth opportunities of 2022.

Categories: Research

Tags: Recruitment and Staffing Industry

Why Your Business Might Be Rated "Lifestyle"

Rod Hore. July 29, 2021. Make a comment
When HHMC reviews a recruitment agency owners can be disappointed with the “lifestyle” rating and the subsequent valuation implications.

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Tags: Strategy, Staffing, Leadership, Culture, Recruitment industry

Staff Costs Rising?

Rod Hore. May 09, 2021. Make a comment
Business owners know there are many adjustments required to set a profitable course. There is always pressure on costs and profitability.

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Tags: Strategy, IMS People, Offshore Recruitment Services, Offshore Accounting Services, Recruitment industry, Remuneration

Exit Planning for Micro Recruitment Agencies

Rod Hore. April 29, 2021. Make a comment
Micro recruitment agency owners cannot rely on just asset value when they exit – other strategies are needed to create wealth and transition the business.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Recruitment agency, Merger and Acquisition, Business Valuation

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