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APSCo Global: Australia joins the international family

APSCo Global

At last week’s Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association (ITCRA) gala dinner the merger with London-based Association of Professional Staffing Companies Global (APSCo Global) to form APSCo Australia was announced. APSCo Australia will be the local entity of APSCo Global.

Richard Fischer, President of ITCRA, noted that, “thanks to the commitment of (members) ITCRA has developed into a recognised voice for the ICT recruitment sector. This has, over the past few years, evolved into a voice that other companies in the broader professional staffing sector want to be part of - and the ITCRA Directors have responded to this demand.”

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He went on to say “Members have voted unanimously to support this merger with APSCo Global and become part of an organisation that spans the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany. The opportunities will continue to unfold over time but rest assured the day to day business of representing the needs of professional staffing companies across our target verticals: IT & Telecommunications, Engineering, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Graduate Recruitment and Accounting; will continue but with a greater depth of resources and an expanded Membership base.”

APSCO AustraliaAnn Swain, CEO of APSCo Global joined the event via video message, “APSCo Global recognises the mobility of the  professional workforce and the importance of organisations who represent that workforce. It is becoming more and more important to have a global voice on issues related to the role of staffing companies, have standards that are recognised across borders by clients and regulators and to provide statistics and metrics that truly highlight our worth to economies across the globe.”

IMS PeopleHHMC Global jointly hosted a table with IMS People at the Gala dinner, inviting CEO’s of recruitment agencies that will benefit from access to APSCo’s international focus and presence.

The recruitment industry is increasingly global and all recruitment agencies need to have at least some understanding of international trends and issues. HHMC and IMS, as two businesses that provide services to recruitment agencies across ANZ, Asia Pacific and the UK, are looking forward to seeing the benefits from the merger.


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