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SIA’s Workforce Solutions Ecosystem

Rod Hore. March 16, 2017. Make a comment
Staffing Industry Analysts' Workforce Solutions Ecosystem is a model for all agency owners and managers to use in strategy development

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Tags: Staffing Industry Analysts, Workforce Solution Ecosystem, Recruitment industry, SIA, Outsourcing

Global M&A Is Strong, But …

Rod Hore. June 04, 2015. Make a comment
It is pleasing that the industry press and the mainstream press is promoting the good news M&A stories that show our industry has a positive and vibrant life. But these

Categories: M&A

Tags: Acquire, Acquisition and Divestment, Buy, Divest, HHMC, Offshore Recruitment Services, Outsourcing, Recruitment, Rod Hore, Sell, Staffing, Strategy, Valuation

Technology Limitations in Global Recruitment

Rod Hore. June 01, 2015. Make a comment
The magic of recruitment is a person to person process. Excessive technology not only stiffens the process but eliminate the personalised impact of the whole process. An

Categories: Offshore

Tags: Recruitment, Offshore Recruitment, IMS People, Online Staffing, Staffing, Strategy, Outsourcing

How Specialised Recruitment Services Can Help

Rod Hore. May 14, 2015. Make a comment
An offshore recruitment service provider offers consistent support to your team by taking up non-core functions while reducing the cost per placement and improving

Categories: Offshore

Tags: IMS People, Offshore Recruitment Services, Offshore Recruitment, Staffing, Outsourcing

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