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The Rise of Professional Management in the Recruitment Industry

Rod Hore. December 15, 2014. Make a comment
In this fast moving recruitment industry, everything is getting more complex and being a good recruiter is not sufficient to running a good recruitment business. This

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Tags: Strategy, Staffing, The Global Recruiter, Recruitment industry, Recruitment Business

Don't set up your business for sale!

Rod Hore. December 09, 2014. Make a comment
Being ready for sale and for potential equity opportunities is good, but a heavy focus on this can be detrimental to your business.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Recruitment, Staffing, Sustainable, Sustainable business, Business for Sale, Buy a Business, Buy and Sell Business

Could “computerization” wipe out 63 per cent of temporary jobs?

Source Material. December 01, 2014. Make a comment
If human labour can upskill sufficiently, new jobs will replace jobs that become obsolete. Economic theory suggests that an invention that replaces workers with machines

Categories: Research

Tags: Staffing Industry Analysts, Technology, RCSA, Workforce Solution Ecosystem, telepresence robot


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