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When a VA is not the Answer

Rod Hore. April 29, 2024. Make a comment
Australian recruitment agencies have developed a strong affinity for offshore resources. There was a trickle of activity prior to Covid but is now a rush.

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What is Normalised Profit?

Rod Hore. April 03, 2024. Make a comment
When discussing Business Value of small to medium businesses the term Normalised Profit is often used. Normalised Profit can be defined as the adjusted revenue and

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Sustainability Including Longevity

Rod Hore. March 05, 2024. Make a comment
When HHMC assesses a small to medium recruitment business it can be simply described as looking for the risk of single points of failure now or in the near future.

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The Owner Dominant Organisation

Rod Hore. February 12, 2024. Make a comment
In conversations with recruitment agency owners we often use the term “Owner Dominant” to characterise a business and its position in the market.  

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