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Don't set up your business for sale!

Rod Hore. December 09, 2014. Make a comment
Being ready for sale and for potential equity opportunities is good, but a heavy focus on this can be detrimental to your business.

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Here’s Why the World Needs Recruiters

Sourced Material. March 19, 2013. Make a comment
Getting best talent for a company is not same as purchasing a product online, this is why I question LinkedIn or any web-based product can replace our services.

Categories: Consulting

Tags: Startegy, Recruitment, Staffing, Leadership, Business, Recruitment Business

Embrace Changes in The Recruitment Industry

Rod Hore. March 15, 2013. Make a comment
A glance at recruitment industry media looks depressing after company declining results. We contend structural changes for the industry that can be embraced.

Categories: Marketplace

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Connect Your Marketing and Sales Strategy To Your Business Strategy

Rod Hore. June 15, 2012. Make a comment
MathMarketing assists how marketing and sales need to be aligned and how they are the drivers of the business strategy.Here are the six strategies to consider

Categories: Offshore

Tags: Startegy, Marketing, Business, Sale, Outsourcing, Leadership, Nigel Harse, Economy

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