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Sourced Material. September 01, 2015. Make a comment
The IT staffing industry is seeking new ways to work with clients, as MSP programs and VMS have increased price competition among staffing firms, resulting in downward

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Outsourcing Risk comes in Black and White – Not Grey

Sourced Material. February 26, 2014. Make a comment
The use of 3rd party vendors that offer back-office services for recruiters seems to be on the rise. But choosing a model that is suitable for you requires a great

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Compliance Requirements – No Escape for Business Owners

Rod Hore. August 13, 2013. Make a comment
There is a significant shift in the level and impact of compliance requirements today. Agencies have to become more astute and thorough in reviewing their procedures for

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Here’s Why the World Needs Recruiters

Sourced Material. March 19, 2013. Make a comment
Getting best talent for a company is not same as purchasing a product online, this is why I question LinkedIn or any web-based product can replace our services.

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