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Just-In-Time Staffing Is Newest Twist in Recruitment

SIA has recognised new staffing firms like and Upwork as “just-in-time staffing”, these companies are a new hybrid and are contributing a lot to the

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Venezuela, Egypt Rank as Most Complex Contingent Markets

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has issued its 2016 report on the Most Complex Contingent Markets Globally where United Kingdom ranked as the least complex contingent

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The Recruitment Industry is Changing and so is the Terminology

Rod Hore. May 20, 2016. Make a comment
Lexicon has introduced new recruitment terms related to the workforce solutions ecosystem which is rapidly evolving in the industry.

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Trends Impacting Staffing Industry

Source Material. April 15, 2016. Make a comment
Staffing Industry Analysts have given a brief idea about the 12 major trends that impacts the global staffing industry this year ranging from the growth of the human

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