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When a VA is not the Answer

Rod Hore. April 29, 2024. Make a comment
Australian recruitment agencies have developed a strong affinity for offshore resources. There was a trickle of activity prior to Covid but is now a rush.

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Characteristics of Lifestyle Companies

Rod Hore. March 19, 2024. Make a comment
A lack of strategic intent of recruitment agency owners to grow and build their businesses, or a lack of size, is the simplest definition of a Lifestyle Recruitment

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Traditional Recruitment Processes are Under Threat

Rod Hore. October 24, 2023. Make a comment
We seem to spend a lot of time talking about “the good old days”. There is good reason. It is not to be nostalgic. It is because too many companies have not evolved

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It’s Temp Time

Rod Hore. May 08, 2023. Make a comment
Temp staffing, non-Perm revenue saves the business and provide a foundation for re-growth. Temp staffing is a great way to get more work done, with less effort and

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