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Offshore Outsourcing Gains Momentum

Rod Hore. July 31, 2023. Make a comment
Offshore outsourcing gains momentum.

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It’s Temp Time

Rod Hore. May 08, 2023. Make a comment
Temp staffing, non-Perm revenue saves the business and provide a foundation for re-growth. Temp staffing is a great way to get more work done, with less effort and

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The most important document on business start-up

Rod Hore. February 28, 2023. Make a comment
HHMC considers the Shareholder Agreement to be a critical start-up business document.

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Tags: Shareholder, APSCo, Business Strategy, Start-ups

Micro Business Exit Strategies

Rod Hore. January 31, 2023. Make a comment
Coming out of Covid we are noticing the increase in micro-business owners (we define as 5 or less staff) that are considering an exit.

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Tags: Strategy, Acquisition and Divestment, APSCo, Sales Strategy

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