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Lack of Private Equity Investment Hurting Australian Recruitment Industry

Rod Hore. May 26, 2016. Make a comment
Venture Capital investment could inspire growth and innovation in emerging recruitment agencies.

Categories: M&A

Tags: M&A Valuation Series, Recruitment, Staffing, Strategy, Valuation

The Recruitment Industry is Changing and so is the Terminology

Rod Hore. May 20, 2016. Make a comment
The workforce solutions ecosystem is rapidly evolving and as it does, we are ever more in need of a common language around it.

Categories: Research

Tags: Recruitment, Staffing, Staffing Industry Analysts

Exit Strategies For Micro Businesses

Rod Hore. May 19, 2016. Make a comment
Micro businesses have small equity value. Owners need to plan accordingly.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Advisors, Divest, HHMC, M&A Valuation Series, Rod Hore, Sell, Strategy, Valuation

Wealth Creation in the Recruitment Industry

Rod Hore. May 12, 2016. Make a comment
The recruitment industry has given many agency owners their best chance of generating personal wealth, given the low barriers to entry, substantial industry growth and

Categories: M&A

Tags: Acquire, Advisors, Buy, Divest, HHMC, M&A Valuation Series, Sell, Strategy, Valuation

Valuing a Corporate Recruitment Agency

Rod Hore. May 06, 2016. Make a comment
A corporate recruitment agency achieves significant value in a sale process and contributes remarkably to the industry as a whole.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Acquire, Buy, Divest, HHMC, M&A Valuation Series, Sell, Staffing, Strategy, Valuation


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