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Strategy Development in Times of Uncertainty

Rod Hore. March 26, 2017. Make a comment
Prepare for a future downturn by turning some fixed costs into more flexible variable costs with the use of Offshore Recruitment Services and giving management control

Categories: Offshore

Tags: Offshore Recruitment Services, Recruitment Business, strategic due diligence

How recruitment businesses are valued

Source Material. March 16, 2017. Make a comment
Recruitment agency owners are always concerned about the market value of their business and how much a buyer will pay. Philip Ellis writes about the methods to show the

Categories: M&A

Tags: Acquisition and Divestment, Recruitment Business, strategic due diligence, Merger and Acquisition, Business Valuation

Strategies for Micro businesses

As the recruitment industry is emerging with a lot of small businesses, different strategies are required for owners of these businesses to survive, create wealth, and

Categories: Research

Tags: Strategy, The Global Recruiter, micro business, strategic due diligence

Strategic Due Diligence

What is meant by strategic due diligence? When an acquirer wants to minimize their exposure to the problems and pitfalls that occur when buying a business.

Categories: M&A

Tags: strategic due diligence, recruitment due diligence, m&a due diligence, Mergers and Acquisition


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