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Are baby boomers preventing recruitment industry rejuvenation?

Rod Hore. July 24, 2013. Make a comment
The industry conditions that allowed baby boomer to grow and create wealth in the nineties and early part of the new century have changed.

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Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Divest, Staffing, Business for Sale, Buy a Business, Buy and Sell Business, Acquiring Recruitment Business

Deal Structures in M&A

Deal Structures in M&A: there are two key variables; the price paid and the timing and structure of the payments. Both are very much intertwined as they again relate to

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, Acquisition and Divestment, Staffing, Negotiation, recruitment due diligence, Merger and Acquisition, m&a transaction, Buy and Sell Business, Business Valuation, advisory services

Marketing In the Era Of The Buyer

Rod Hore. July 15, 2013. Make a comment
Massive changes are underway wherein marketing plays a vital role during an M&A will buyers find, assess and purchase goods and services?

Categories: Research

Tags: Strategy, HHMC, Marketing & Social Media, Marketing, B2B, Recruitment and Staffing Industry, Buy a Business, Buy and Sell Business, advisory services


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