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Trends Impacting Staffing Industry

Source Material. April 15, 2016. Make a comment
Staffing Industry Analysts have given a brief idea about the 12 major trends that impacts the global staffing industry this year ranging from the growth of the human

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Lifestyle Recruitment Agency Valuation Discussion

Rod Hore. April 14, 2016. Make a comment
Lifestyle Recruitment Agencies are valued differently to other businesses as it is is strongly influenced by the shareholders who are usually running the business to

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Acquisition and Divestment, Divest, M&A Valuation Series, Shareholder, Business for Sale, Buy a Business, Business Valuation

5 Tips for Taking a Strategic Approach to M&A in 2016

Source Material. April 01, 2016. Make a comment
2016 is the year to build on your capabilities, add new services or products, gain new customers or enter new markets. Here are the five tips for taking an M&A approach.

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