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Normalised Profit

Rod Hore. June 26, 2023. Make a comment
Normalising profit is important for investors and analysts because it provides a clearer picture of a company's underlying profitability.

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The most important document on business start-up

Rod Hore. February 28, 2023. Make a comment
HHMC considers the Shareholder Agreement to be a critical start-up business document.

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Lifestyle Recruitment Agency Valuation Discussion

Rod Hore. April 14, 2016. Make a comment
Lifestyle Recruitment Agencies are valued differently to other businesses as it is is strongly influenced by the shareholders who are usually running the business to

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The Business Basics Must Be Right For Survival, Let Alone Growth.

Rod Hore. February 15, 2013. Make a comment
We are heading 2013 with high hopes for the agencies that concentrate on running all aspects of business, but tough times ahead for those ignoring the basics like every

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