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Valuation challenges for emerging Recruitment Agencies

Rod Hore. July 14, 2016. Make a comment
The recruitment industry is full of shooting stars, companies that start so brightly but quickly fade. Valuation of these emerging young companies is complex.

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Indonesia: The Next Big Thing In Recruitment?

Most people are surprised that Indonesia’s population is 250M though the economic growth has been remarkably strong. So what is the recruitment industry like?

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Positive M&A Activity Continues

Rod Hore. June 20, 2016. Make a comment
In this growing innovating and maturing recruitment industry HHMC is bullish on a positive M&A environment for the next 12-18 months.

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Starting your own Recruitment Agency

Rod Hore. June 02, 2016. Make a comment
What drives people to take the plunge into a new business varies immensely. Few can look back and say they understood what they were really getting into.

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