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Characteristics of a corporate recruitment agency

Rod Hore. February 04, 2016. Make a comment
Many recruitment agencies in the industry are driven to become corporate recruitment agency and are investing in their business to achieve it. This article specifically

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Net working capital

Rod Hore. November 26, 2015. Make a comment
When discussing Business Value, there is a fascination with the profit multiple calculation. But the value of working capital demands equal attention.

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Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Acquisition and Divestment, Recruitment, Staffing, Working Capital, Mergers and Acquisition, Buy and Sell Business, Business Valuation

The Critical Need For Business Education

Rod Hore. October 08, 2015. Make a comment
Business owners need a broad, educated horizon to be able to succeed in today’s complex and competitive industry.Here are our recommendations for business owners in the

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Tags: Strategy, Staffing, M&A Valuation Series, Recruitment industry, Recruitment Business, Buy and Sell Business

Global M&A Is Strong, But …

Rod Hore. June 04, 2015. Make a comment
A set of positive conditions following the global financial crisis, means that industry buyers, industry sellers and financial institutions are seeking to execute

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Tags: Strategy, Acquisition and Divestment, Divest, Staffing, Offshore Recruitment Services, Recruitment Business, m&a services, Buy and Sell Business, Business Valuation

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