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Acquirers of recruitment agencies have an aversion to risk

Rod Hore. January 28, 2016. Make a comment
Each market has at least one bad acquisition from the period prior to the financial crisis that serves as a lesson to future acquirers. It taught the leaders of the

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Buyers of recruitment services are increasingly sophisticated

Rod Hore. December 03, 2015. Make a comment
Organisations acquiring human capital talent via the recruitment industry are increasingly sophisticated in their procurement processes.

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Dealing With The Constant Called “Change”

Rod Hore. November 30, 2015. Make a comment
As the industry is maturing and is becoming more global and consolidated, we've identified 5 points that might help an agency owner prepare themselves and their

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Net working capital

Rod Hore. November 26, 2015. Make a comment
When discussing Business Value, there is a fascination with the profit multiple calculation. But the value of working capital demands equal attention.

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