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A Technology Strategy Framework for Recruitment

Rod Hore. January 28, 2021. Make a comment
This article provides an understanding of the context and nature of SIA's Tech Stack for today's complex recruitment agency environment.

Categories: Research

Tags: Technology, Recruitment industry, Tech Stack

HHMC Global Business Intentions Survey Report 6

Rod Hore. July 04, 2020. Make a comment
HHMC Global's Business Intentions Survey Report is not available. This survey captures the very different results due to the pandemic - essential reading for all.

Categories: Research

Tags: Recruitment and Staffing Industry

Middle Office - A Structure for Compliance

Rod Hore. May 10, 2020. Make a comment
Middle office in a recruitment agency is where control happens. In this article we examine the increasingly critical issue of compliance.

Categories: Consulting

Tags: Recruitment agency, Tech Stack, Middle Office

It Is Never Too Late To Sell

Rod Hore. May 01, 2020. Make a comment
Each and every business in the recruitment industry has a value. In this economy, evaluate the overall position of your business and act decisively.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, Divestment, Recruitment and Staffing Industry, Business Valuation

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