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Lack of Private Equity Investment Hurting Australian Recruitment Industry

Rod Hore. May 26, 2016. Make a comment
One of the certainties of Private Equity involvement in your business is that you know what you are going to get.Venture Capital investment can inspire growth and

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Tags: Strategy, Recruitment, M&A Valuation Series, Equity, Return on Investment, Business Valuation

The Recruitment Industry is Changing and so is the Terminology

Rod Hore. May 20, 2016. Make a comment
Lexicon has introduced new recruitment terms related to the workforce solutions ecosystem which is rapidly evolving in the industry.

Categories: Research

Tags: Recruitment, Staffing Industry Analysts, Workforce Solution Ecosystem, Recruitment agency

Adding Value To The Industry - Owner Dominant Business

Rod Hore. March 24, 2016. Make a comment
An owner dominant business carries its own importance in the industry as it can achieve a significant business value in an equity transaction.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Valuation, Recruitment, M&A Valuation Series, Business for Sale, Buy a Business

Can you show your strategy is defined and implemented?

Rod Hore. February 25, 2016. Make a comment
The best organisations integrate its corporate strategy processes with key management processes and having a clearly defined strategy that is being executed within the

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Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Valuation, Advisors, Recruitment, Staffing, M&A Valuation Series, Business for Sale, Buy a Business

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