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What do we mean by “Business Value”?

Rod Hore. September 22, 2015. Make a comment
This article defines recruitment agency Business Value and explains some of the misconceptions in the market.

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Exit Strategies for Micro Recruitment Agencies

Rod Hore. August 19, 2015. Make a comment
The recruitment industry has a vast percentage of micro agencies. Seems, the western economies will see a mass exit of small business owners in the next few years.

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Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Acquisition and Divestment, Recruitment, Exit Strategies, Business for Sale, Buy a Business, Business Valuation, advisory services

Exit strategies require a reality check

Selling a business is complicated, emotional, takes time, and is subject to a range of variables that are often out of a business owner’s control. When recruitment

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Tags: Strategy, Staffing, Exit Strategies, The Global Recruiter, Recruitment Business, Merger and Acquisition, Business for Sale

Global M&A Is Strong, But …

Rod Hore. June 04, 2015. Make a comment
A set of positive conditions following the global financial crisis, means that industry buyers, industry sellers and financial institutions are seeking to execute

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Tags: Strategy, Acquisition and Divestment, Divest, Staffing, Offshore Recruitment Services, Recruitment Business, m&a services, Buy and Sell Business, Business Valuation

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