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Make your business the best it can be

Richard Hayward. March 15, 2006. Make a comment
How do training and development relate to regular Merger & Acquisition topics? This blog guides how it ensures your businesses on-going performance and appeal your

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Tags: Acquisition and Divestment, HHMC, Recruitment and Staffing Industry, Buy and Sell Business, Business Valuation, Business Strategy

Earnouts – the Pros & Cons

Richard Hayward. August 15, 2005. Make a comment
Buying or Selling a business? Richard Hayward of HHMC Global discusses the Pros and Cons of an Earnout.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Acquire, Acquisition and Divestment, Divest, Recruitment, Staffing, Buy and Sell Business, Business Valuation

Strategic Due Diligence

What is meant by strategic due diligence? When an acquirer wants to minimize their exposure to the problems and pitfalls that occur when buying a business.

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Tags: strategic due diligence, recruitment due diligence, m&a due diligence, Mergers and Acquisition

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