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Organic Growth v Acquisition - What is your strategy?

In a period of low economic growth it's tough to build and scale your business through pure growth and accordingly an acquisition may seem more appealing.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, Acquire, Acquisition and Divestment, Recruitment, Staffing, Offshore Recruitment, Merger and Acquisition, Buy a Business, Buy and Sell Business

Why you need a Shareholders' Agreement

We may see companies with potential structural issues.It is worth thinking about the consequences that possibly occur when directors or shareholders disagree. If you are

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, Acquire, HHMC, Divest, Recruitment, Shareholder, Merger and Acquisition, Buy a Business, Acquiring Recruitment Business

The Best & Worst Business Exit Strategies

Creating value in a business is a desirable objective; however, extracting the value for the benefit of the business owner can be undertaken in different ways.

Categories: M&A

Tags: Strategy, HHMC, Recruitment, Staffing, Merger and Acquisition, Buy and Sell Business, Business Valuation, advisory services

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