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Staffing markets separated by Pacific share similarities, differences

The Australasian staffing industry shares many similarities with the North American staffing industry, but they have their differences like the legal and business

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Competitive Advantage: Insights from Fast-Growing Staffing Firms

Rod Hore. April 30, 2015. Make a comment
This SIA report documents interviews with CEO’s of fast growing US Industrial firms and highlights a number of competitive advantages they have implemented to gain high

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Contingent Buyers Survey for the Asia/Pacific region – Worker Quality #1 Issue

Rod Hore. April 02, 2015. Make a comment
The first Staffing Industry Analysts Contingent Buyers Survey for the Asia/Pacific region has been published and here is what recruitment agencies need to know.

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Could “computerization” wipe out 63 per cent of temporary jobs?

Source Material. December 01, 2014. Make a comment
If human labour can upskill sufficiently, new jobs will replace jobs that become obsolete. Economic theory suggests that an invention that replaces workers with machines

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